Vote Mama announced its first full class of some 20 candidates this week (a few candidates had received support in more immediate races). The hopefuls include five from Long Island: Laura Burns for Nassau County Legislature; Gabriela Castillo for Freeport school board; Erin Guida and Melissa McCardle for Oyster Bay Town Council; and Rachel Klein for Oyster Bay town clerk.

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Congratulations to Kiera Neal & Gabrielle Kovaluskie for earning their Gold Awards; the highest award in Girl Scouts. Thanks to Massapequa Post for covering these important achievements of these amazing young women!

From my Letter to the Editor in today’s Massapequa Post:
“There are no Republican or Democrat roads, our incredibly low investment rating doesn’t have a party ….We need leaders who are willing to put party aside and work together on these challenges to deal with Town-level issues at the Town level”.