On Friday, Democratic candidates for Oyster Bay Town board called on Town Supervisor Joseph Saladino to stop deleting comments and blocking users on his Facebook page, mirroring comments from the New York Civil Liberties Union that it’s a violation of their right to free speech. (Credit: Howard Schnapp)

Story By Rachel Uda
Updated August 30, 2019 11:33 PM

Please see my Letter to the Editor in the Massapequa Observer (7/31/19-8/6/19): “The Town of Oyster Bay has a long history of misleading taxpayers and providing data in a ‘smoke and mirrors’ manner. Despite the claim that there is a new day in Oyster Bay, it seems the same old system is still in place”.

Vote Mama announced its first full class of some 20 candidates this week (a few candidates had received support in more immediate races). The hopefuls include five from Long Island: Laura Burns for Nassau County Legislature; Gabriela Castillo for Freeport school board; Erin Guida and Melissa McCardle for Oyster Bay Town Council; and Rachel Klein for Oyster Bay town clerk.

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Congratulations to Kiera Neal & Gabrielle Kovaluskie for earning their Gold Awards; the highest award in Girl Scouts. Thanks to Massapequa Post for covering these important achievements of these amazing young women!

From my Letter to the Editor in today’s Massapequa Post:
“There are no Republican or Democrat roads, our incredibly low investment rating doesn’t have a party ….We need leaders who are willing to put party aside and work together on these challenges to deal with Town-level issues at the Town level”.